Just two question for all…

How many of you want your stuff to be published?

How many of you want /is writing/wrote a novel?


A candy Robbery.

I love summer vacations. This year my summer vacations were very interesting. I was about to go to my grandma’s house but i had to travel a lot. This summer was very hot enough than that of past.

Mum and dad came me to drop to the bus stop. The bus stop was crowded as if all very about to go to their holiday stop. The bus was late. People were annoyed and tired due to hot Sun. It was being difficult to stop there. The bus arrived giving us all satisfaction and relief. The bus was crowdy, however I managed to get in but there was no any seat empty to rest my ass.Unfortunately, I had to stand. The journey was very long, many slept up. I removed my wallet to pay the ticket. All was going very well. Suddenly, I felt my pocket being touched. I guessed it was robber, stealing my money. I got it’s hand. I was not sure who it was cause the bus was very crowed. I turned over and looked who he is , it was a small boy. He begin to apologize and plead. All the passengers woke up. When they came to knew he was robbering they began to scold him. The boy was crying and saying,” No I was not stealing”.. They where about to beat him when I stopped them and told,”its okay, let him go away”

After long hours, there came a stop where half of bus went off. The bus was now Spacey and free. I sat down. Suddenly I saw that boy seating alone at back seat. His appearance was kinda shabby; he was weeping. I thought to have a talk with him. I went near him and sat besides him. He was afraid. I said ,”Hey, You okay? Don’t be afraid i’m not here to punish or scold you. I just wanted to ask you, why were u stealing money from my pocket?”

He wiped his tears and said,”No, I wasn’t”. “You wasn’t? What are you saying I grabbed your hand while you were stealing. Please at least don’t lie.”I said him

“No I was not stealing your money. I know that you caught me taking your wallet. But trust me I was not”. The boy said . I was confused . I asked him,”Then? What were you doing? Are you travelling alone? Where r u going? ” He said,” I went to city to earn money. My dad passed away and mom is really ill. I had no choice , so I went to city to earn money and care my family, my mum and my sister. I’m going back to my home. I had been in city for about 2 years and every 6 months I go back home to give my earnings and purchase some of my mum’s medicines “. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. “You earn money, then What were you doing with my pocket? You had money and everything”. Weeping he said, ” I don’t have greed of money I do earn them by my hard work. This time my earnings were less as I fell ill. I had handful amount of money from which I had to buy ticket and medicines and remaining for household expenses. My sister love candies. I barely have money to purchase that. This time I promised her I’ll bring one for her. But I didn’t purchase cause I didn’t had money. When you were paying ticket I saw a candy in your pocket , I was taking that candy for my sister not money .”

When he finished this. My stop came , I went down off bus. That boy too came down and he ran away to his home. I went to grandma’s house. I told her everything. I took a jar of candies and went to his house. I have it too her sister. We helped him in everything.

I returned back home with pleasing heart and relief .That was a new experience for me.



I hope you liked this story. This is not a true event but imaginary story by hope. If you like it do comment and share and I’ll write some more for u all..


Some about clouds.

Today I was all alone and just bored. I decided to write some poem or stuff. I was not getting any idea. Suddenly my eyes went on sky. Clouds so beautiful and peaceful I kept looking and admiring it. Then I got something to write and I published here. .